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Every Tuesday (Choose Day) from 11AM – 1PM on Bondi Radio, guests join Stacy N Henderson of POVAR to share their unique insights into life, money, business and various topics around making a difference by taking action.

Anita Tomecki
The Coaching Room
Stephen LanFranco
AirBnB Experiences
Jasper Vallance
Digital Marketing
Theme Rains
Synthesis Organics
Rebecca Veksler
SoL Cups
Natasha Munasinghe
FRANK Group & FRANK Team Pty Ltd
Amie Padhiar
Project Shine
Daniel Koch
Trance DJ turned Philanthropreneur
Kaushik Ram
NeuroImaging Specialist
Grytt Young
Entrepreneur & Opportunity Seeker
Maddie and Shimmy
Pole Dance Academy
Jackstar Davies
International Journalist, Speaker, and Advisor
Jai Ashtar
Light of Arcturus Holistic Therapies
Naomie Smith
Business Coach
Marc Cote
Seb Berry
Franko Heke
Rachael Moore
Rainbow Tribe
Maz Valcorza
Sadhana Kitchen
Victoria and Elaina
The Freedom Travellers
Seth Lawrence
Business & Leadership Coach

About Choose Day

#ChooseDay Live Chat with Stacy N Henderson, Founder of POVAR and Special Guests every Tuesday 11AM – 1PM on Bondi Radio!

POVAR is a system that helps people evolve out of their regular job and launch their own business.

Who We Are.

Founded by Stacy N Henderson, POVAR consists of a team of experienced professionals and network of global citizens who proudly offer their gifts to the world while assisting others in doing the same.

What We Do.

Utilising a system of proven methods drawing on thousands of books and years of practical experience, POVAR provides the tools and guidance for you to choose your future and succeed.

How We Do It.

Through free content, online consulting, workshops and retreats POVAR works to free those who feel trapped in their professional and specialist fields from the bonds of the 9 – 5 workforce.

Life Design Workshop

WHO IS IT FOR: People wanting to start a business. People wanting to radically change their life’s direction. Struggling entrepreneurs. Frustrated full time workers. People who work from home.

Check out our Online Workshops for information on how to build a life you love and profit from your passions.

Book Now To Secure Your Seat

Using mind maps, timelines, smart banking and business design techniques to plan your most awesome future possible, this is a workshop that really will change your life for the better. The content draws on the power of ancient and modern wisdom, as proven by Olympians, global entrepreneurs, thought leaders and change makers all over the world. Plan the best future you can imagine! Get tools, support and a powerful community so you can start your journey right there with us on the day!

TICKETS: From ONLY $200 each


Do a Life Design Workshop and get clear on your vision. Sort out your money and habits. Convert the lessons from your life into training content. Teach it in a field you are passionate about. Serve your purpose and live a life to be proud of.

Free Content

Life Design Success Stories

Contact us to be a guest on the show

Share your story and inspire others to begin their path. Become a Choose Day guest and tell the world the what, where, when, who and WHY of the business you have created!


Broadcasting live from the Bucket List in the heart of Bondi Beach


Bondi, Sydney, NSW 2022


Email:     info@povar.life